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In times of fake news or alternative facts, data collection and big data, many (too) many decisions in politics and business are still made on the basis of uncertainty. Sciemus GmbH offers you the necessary security to correctly assess the situation  and to make the best possible decisions. Do you have existing data sets that you want to standardize and evaluate? You want to evaluate how processes work, how satisfied your employees and / or customers are? You would like to know how your company is portrayed in the media or in social media or how you discuss it in the internet?

At Sciemus you get specific solutions based on state-of-the-art data analysis and survey, observational and content analysis studies. Or just ask us!

About us

Steffen Kolb is, next to his engagement at Sciemus GmbH,  Professor of Business Communication at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW) Berlin since 2012. His focus is on  “Empirical market and communication research”. Previously, he spent a good five years in Switzerland at the Universities of Friborg, Bern and Basel. He has successfully carried out a large number of research and consulting projects in Germany and Switzerland with clients from a wide range of industries. Current projects of Sciemus can be found here.
Sciemus works with a large network of experienced IT, data mining, finance and communication professionals.

current Projects

Program structure of commercial television providers in Switzerland for the Federal Office of Communications (BAKOMOM) and the University of Basel

Project experience


Regional television in Switzerland. Continuous program analysis for the Swiss Federal Office of Communications (BAKOM) (since 2009)

Cross-media comparison of TeleBasel (TV and online) for the Swiss Federal Office of Communications (BAKOM) (March – June 2016)

Advising the Association of Swiss Regional Television Telesuisse and its members (2010-2012)

Quality and strategy workshops for TeleBasel (2010-2011)

Medical survey on the Innovation Fund. Advice to the AOK (2016)

Customer satisfaction at KPMG Berlin (2015)

Motives for the purchase of magazines using the example of Spiegel, Stern and Focus: An analysis of economics and communication science (2006) at the Hamburg Media School

Journalistic Advisory to Regional Newspapers (2006) at the Institute for Practical Journalism Research

Organizational communication for risk topics (analysis of communication performance and consulting of the management of GKSS Research Center: 2001-2008)

Analysis of Motor Journalism and Consultation of the Association of Motor Journalists in Communications (2002-2004)

Media resonance analysis and consulting for the PR and marketing departments of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), Opel, GM Europe, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, Mercedes Commercial Vehicles, Porsche (2000-2001) at Prime Research in Mainz



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